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Anonymous: One time I was off my fucking face from a pot brownie and all I did was sit in one spot with a shit eating grin for hours and come up with different theories as to why marijuana is such a weird taboo thing even though it rocks and the governments role in all of it. Aka I feel u

dude feels so many feels

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Anonymous: I hate when people just assume weed makes everyone dumb just because they look at stoner burn outs and assume that's how everyone is. So many people smoke weed that they probably don't even know about. And anyways weed effects everyone differently. Some people can do so much more when they are high and then there are the people who just get lazy. I go to UCLA and smoke weed every damn day and I still have a 4.0. I hate ignorant people.

THANK YOU. bless you.

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cannabis is literally a miracle plant like so sick of people who believe the brainwashing the government tries to spread 

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